3D printed pillar seals and body plugs.

These aren't the original rubber pillar seals that were put on the cars when they were built. These are ASA, not PVC.They are slightly flexible and ultra UV resistant. They fit on our 1976 S&H 2 door hardtop and our 1972 Gran Torino Sport Fastback. We have installed them on our cars, for two years now, and they look and work great! We don't worry about the UV resistance because they are behind closed doors. They were originally named QUARTER LATCH PILLAR SEALS. Our seals replace the original pillar seals with the number D20B-6528183-AA

Installation on your car.

We now ship to the lower 48 states, plus Hawaii and Alaska. A pair of pillar seals include the right passenger and left driver's side of the car. The price for a pair of pillar seals is $55.99, which includes tax and S&H. We are a small shop. We take personal checks only. Please make out the check to Pat Kriel Machine Shop LLC. Our mailing address is listed on the last page. Please include your phone number on your check in case we have questions. We do NOT accept paypal. Sorry. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Email or call us if you have any questions before you order. These pillar seals are for two door cars only.

The pillar seals are shipped in pairs.

Below is a picture of the body plug that covers the 1 7/8 hole below the pillar seal. The outside diameter is 2 1/2, which is slightly oversize. The body plugs are made from flexible 3D printed material. The price for a pair of body plugs is $19.95, which includes tax and S&H. We have tried ordering these plugs from two different catalogs. They didn't fit like the original ones. They are just a little too small. So..try ours instead.